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Fishing with Friends
October 6,2018

Twenty-five years ago, Fish With Friends was created by Capt. Fuzzy Davis in honor of his cousin, Gwynne Allison, who suffered from Ms. Fuzzy recognized the struggles Gwynne endured and wanted to utilize his talents for catching fish and give opportunities to special needs children and adults at their own pace and ability to enjoy what he has found to be not only a career but a passion in his life that he enjoys most!
The first year, Fuzzy enlisted the help of a few local charter boat captains to volunteer their time and boats so the anglers would be safe, comfortable and in capable hands for catching fish.The fishing excursion was followed by a picnic that included the families of the anglers treated to live music and a fishing trophy, not for the competition but rather for a tangible way to remember the joy of the camaraderie and participation.

Fast forward 25 years later and the event caters to over 70 special needs anglers with one parent or person accompanying them and over 30 local charter boats with captains and mates volunteering their day to treat these anglers!  The Skull Creek Boathouse provides a picnic on their waterfront deck for the siblings and parents and Lollipop the Clown is always there as part of the kid’s favorite part of the day (besides fishing of course!).  

Children’s Relief Fund has provided the necessary funding for this day allowing many of these anglers the chance to see the area they live in a whole new prospective - from the water.  Dozens of volunteers help overcome obstacles of mobility and safety and even help get wheel chairs onto boats. Many of these anglers could not participate in the pleasure of fishing, seeing dolphins firsthand or just feeling the breeze on their faces if it weren’t for the support and funding provided by the many volunteers and CRF. 

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